Play With Me
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    The energy to lift the Human race into the next plane of Experience is available.  God is ready to play the Game of Conscious Incarnation.   God's first move is to set up and explain the Game. 

    As the method of removing all unconscious interference, God continually puts our projected creations exactly in our path, so we can see. 

    Our part in the Divine Bargain of making ourself into expressions of the character of God is to respond to each challenge with one simple procedure.  Our natural healing processes take care of the rest. 

    That simple procedure is deliberate vibrational Love. 

    Love is a simple energy field.  It is a definite form of energy, with a specific vibration. 

    Love is not an emotion.  The longing and manipulating, the worrying and chasing we do to each other is not Love.  We think it is, we call it love, but that is actually something else. 

    Real Love is a simple mathematical reality... very objective stuff, true Love is. 

    Adding Love to a situation is like hooking up subtle electric wires to a specific power source, and letting the juice flow. 

    God is playing a simple game with us.  God is saying, "Match me. Now Love this." 

    The Object of the Game is people turning into God.  The fully emerged Human Being is none other than the incarnated Christ. 

    The way to make the electric connection between Love and ourselves is to focus the conscious attention on the fourth chakra. 

    Chakras are the seven energy chambers, or valves, so to speak, that form a sort of string going up the center of a Human Being. 

    The fourth Chakra is the heart chakra, and it is located in the center of the chest, right there between the lungs, about midway between front and back of the person.  Right there. 

    It takes a certain amount of practice to focus the conscious attention on the fourth chakra.  It takes practice, but it doesn't take effort.  It takes memory and faith, but it doesn't take work. 

    One thing you might feel when paying attention to the heart is a sort of tightness in the area, like the breath is being held.  Or you might feel grief, which is the state of being in most people's hearts today. 

    Most people avoid putting attention on their heart as a sort of habit, and the reason is that we are most of us, so sad.  It feels sad in our hearts and we haven't fixed it, so we avoid it by trying to not notice it. 

    The unfortunate result is that we not only do we lose connection with the sadness, but we lose connection with the whole region of Love.  But this loss can be reversed. 

    Adding Love by channeling the vibration intrinsic to the fourth chakra has a few especially useful results. 

    One is that the field of Love disrupts the currently operating picture in the subconscious manifestor. 

    This can spontaneously give rise to invention and discovery.  New options for behaviors can present themselves, as creativity and inspiration. 

    It is especially interesting when Vibrational Love is added precisely at the moment of being engaged by an impulse to attack or be attacked.  The subconscious picture that is directing the attack can become available to the conscious mind. 

    The stored energy that would have compelled the attack becomes released into the mind as objective information.  The habitual compulsion can become disengaged, examined, and discharged. 

    The foundations of violence reveal themselves to the rational mind, in the energy environment that is Love.  The mechanisms of inhumanity within each Human Being can be unraveled and expelled. 

    To deconstruct interfering pictures, the thing to do with the suddenly available energy is to drain it out of the system by emotional and conversational discharge.  This catharsis is the natural healing process. 


    There are Games we can play to release our planet from the shadow illness of Spirit we suffer. 

    But the First Game we can learn is to consciously choose Love. Without Love, there is no method that can do anything to create whole recovery. 

    Intelligence is only a part of creating Heaven on Earth when it is guided by the actual Creative Identity, none other than Dynamic God.

Dynamic Love. 

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(Lau Mu)

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