Mother Gaia Says:
The Happy Ending
"Might as well start by knowing  . . . I won't settle for just any old happy ending. 
I'm fed up with these "Save the Earth" movies where, at the end, some cataclysmic crisis is averted, but otherwise things are "business as usual" again. Whats up with that?? 

"Business as usual" is exactly what I, your Mother Earth, want to be saved from ! 

Of course, it involves the rise of the feminine aspect . . . and I'm not talking about rising into the roles that have been dominated by men. I'm talking about women realizing the power they already have, and standing up fully in that space. Get real! 

Its time to radicalize domestic routines - shopping and childcare - as the powerhouses of choice that they are. Give up the illusion that men in suits are calling the shots. Let's give birth to sane economy that provides for YOU without depleting ME along the way. 

And let's solve Our big and age-old problems of violence, crime, poverty, war, sickness and death. I choose the whole enchilada. I want glorious Love and everything. You might call this Heaven on Earth, but I call it . . . health !

Of course I am not going to sit on the sidelines - I am stepping up to the plate. I attend a seven sisters support group for wayward planets: and we all get involved in the story. 

Click on the Pleides to meet my cosmic cadre for cultural evolution: and welcome home to play the Game of Exchange ! 



"What is so great about Science Fiction, anyway??"

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