Role Play: Imagine Mother Earth
talks about science fiction Movies
Gaia says "Welcome, Beloved Family! 

Let's talk about imagination. Imagination is a very good thing! We can use it as a creative force.

Have you been watching many movies lately? Well I have, and on the whole, I can't help but notice that so many science fiction stories that are written about Me, Mother Earth, visualize My future as ruined. Bleak, I mean, grim. Sheesh ! ! What's the deal guys? Can't anybody imagine anything for Me except being taken over by machines?

If we are going to be imagining a future for Me (and all of you), why not imagine something really good? Don't you know that, whatever you think upon, that is what you become? 

Since I do have a stake in this, I'm going to make a suggestion. I propose a movie about SAVING THE WORLD with an eco-feminist slant. I want to see something to celebrate: characters who take charge of their own lives to consciously create positive change. If you and I start picturing the same kinds of things, well . . . thought has this way of turning into action . . . there's no telling how far we could go. Creative visualization, they call it. 

Need a new start? Me too. 

Click on the butterfly. 
Therapeutic metaphor is on the way ! !