Kwan Yin Greeting
(part of a longer message...)

...Reinstating conscious communication with your world, and passing our story to you is a cause for celebration in our world. We send materials to share what was useful in our healing. We include reference to what we know of your current culture. We have a special interest in your world.

Before our healing, we found ourselves beset with the same global disturbances and difficulties that you now find in yourselves. We used our technology to achieve space travel and colonized many worlds, yours among them, hoping to extend the life of our race by acquiring new ground.

On your world we found a delightfully happy animal in a beautiful world, free of the anxieties and displeasure we suffered ourselves. We took undue advantage of these creatures, as then witnessed in dismay as their lives became as distorted as our own.

In retrospect, we realized that your ancestors, when we met them, were not infected with the disease of spirit that we had not yet recognized in our own world.
We were the instruments of contagion to your world. It was through witnessing your fall that we identified the disease and its patterns.

In passing the illness to you, we began the process of developing recovery. What we have learned has been received and used by countless other planet races to their immense benefit. Your suffering has led to the redemption of many worlds.

The fact of our presence in your world is the foundation of many ancient stories. We gave you language. With language came structure and tools. We added our genetic strengths, as well as our weakness, to your peoples through sexual union.

Our emissaries stayed for centuries, some exploiting what they could, others attempting fruitlessly to rectify damages done. Those of us concerned with healing eventually realized that we could not accomplish the creation of health, for your race, on your world. We turned our attention to creating health on our own world, using the lessons we learned on your world. We withdrew our material presence, but have never withdrawn the telepathic connection.

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(Lau Mu)

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