Girl Game Movie - PARADIGM SHIFT
Short Movie Synopsis:
Scene One: Gaia goes to a cosmic support group for planetary recovery . . .
convenes with a cast of archetypal characters on the astral plane (cartoons!) to do an interention . . .
The muses team up, decide to do magic and inspire your neighborhood  to express the saved world.
They take shape as a circle of friends,

and Tinkerbell magically weaves their intentions

 together to co-create healing for Earth and humanity.

This circle of friends creates a Purity Wave to sweep through humanity and nourishes such vitality and strength in the human spirit that the dark spirit entities that cause violence and oppression
are overthrown and replaced with the whole presence of the conscious human spirit

and it looks a lot like removing child abuse and neglect

Consider the gifts brought by these beings

You can download the conceptual foundations that are props in this movie . . .

in case you'd like to try this at home !

(Lau Mu)

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