The First Transformative Act:  heal yourself
(addict and co-dependent)   becomes   (creative and authentic)
Take your first turn: identify the cards you are dealt.

card one:
The tracing of the bold orange outline of the sun self represents the act of defining and recognizing the true self.  This process in the Game is what happens when you state your heart's desire, tell your deepest truth.  Fill out your Wildest Dream Cards to start the transformation of Self.
What is your heart's desire?

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(animated gif of asteroid self, gaining golden circular outline) 
Player clicks HERE to see their compiled dream cards. 
Engage the power of positive desire to express your entire Creative Self

card two:
Distressed memories can program the false self into pursuing imaginary goods.  These are the projected "astroids" shown orbiting the image of false self.  The act of storytelling can heal and release false attachments.  Fill out your Wild Cards to continue the healing transformation of Self.
What is holding you back?

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(animated gif of asteroid self, now outlined in gold, astroid plummets in toward center adding yellow light inside ) 
Use biologically based emotional healing to discard your Wild Cards.

Also use this portal to browse other players Wildest Dream Cards and Wild Cards.  Search by various parameters.  See the next window for roundtables and storytelling circles, in which you may continue to play your cards.