The War to End All Wars
(children's lives transformation)

As you read this, bear in mind.  This challenge takes place after the vast majority of parents and children have voluntarily affiliated with and / or moved into eco-villages that practice liberation into the Human Standard. Abundant proof exists that the formula improves health and wellness outcomes so outstandingly, that no reason remains for preventing dependents and everyone else from accessing the relief that these communities provide.

No reason except - some adults do indeed have an addictive relationship to the persecution and destruction of their own children. Even with the Amnesty that is ultimately offered to offenders who would release their grip, for some part of the population, there is no relief accepted.

At this point, runaways seek Sanctuary and Asylum in Human Standard communities. The conflict at the property line, should their jilted parent pursue, is the war to end all wars.  Need anyone die?  No. But ...

You can imagine this scenario.



(Lau Mu)