Opening Scene of the Movie:

In the first few minutes of the movie, let's see a creation visual poem,
to introduce Gaia the EARTH Being,
and Gaia, her human form Avatar.

such as:

Primordial Darkness interrupted by LIGHT
a series of beautiful images of geometric forms

(I am wondering if these are templates for atomic bonds - of what elements?)

four-sided (Tetrahedron) dazzling
five-sided (Pyramid immediately doubled to Octagonal solid)
six-sided (cube)
Seven-Sided Form: Hepta-hedron

And now in some visually dynamic way show
that the heptahedron underlies the Energetic Character of Gaia (Earth)
show how the Aurora confirm this

and then
zoom into and into and into the tiny, yet identical in form,
heptahedron that underlies the Shape and Character of the Human Heart

(we are One. The Human Beings on Gaia are microcosmically also Gaia, yet individuals)

and upon that energetic match we see a Human Female take shape, who becomes the Narrator of the scene...

image credit:

Hi. My name is Gaia!

There is math and practical observations to support this relationship of polygonal solids..
Warning: nerd alert. Read this article to get the remarkable science underlying this scene.

(The science that underlies the imagery is complex,
and it isn't my intention to completely explain all that in the movie;
rather, the point is to include it graphically
and ultimately make the science available
to those who pursue the details.)