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Chapter 7 - PLAY WITH ME

The Human Being is a manifesting dynamo. We think we need effort to create, but not so.

Everybody knows somebody who things just work for, who has enough money, who bad things don't happen to, over and over again. That is a healthy Human Being, naturally falling into or attracting the right people, the right opportunities, and making things go well without using up their time in relentless drudgery. Creative people. Intelligent people. Lucky people.

This easy success is the natural Human condition. We can make an analogy for the creative force of Human Beings. Imagine a light, surrounded by a ring of photographic slides... pictures, through which the light shines.

These pictures are stored within the Spirit body (a simple energy field in the same general space as the physical body) of the person. Usually subconscious pictures, they form an elaborate and concise set of magnetic whirlpools through which the creative power of the Human Being radiates.

God has plans for Human Beings. God is in charge of absolutely everything in Universal reality. But in the space defined by the Human Being, the conscious persona of God has stepped back, to let You be in charge of You.

God wants free will playmates, to play a game. God has set up the system of pictures in the self. The feedback loop that allows us to examine our own pictures is the physical world.

When we store a picture in our subconscious of something unpleasant, our dynamic creative force emanates out through that picture and becomes projected on the outside world. The world, in the infinite responsiveness that is Divine attention, shapes itself to express the projection.

The projection attracts fitting participants. The projection also repels people who do not fit the needed role. The projection puts pressure on others to conform to the image, applying attractions (positive reinforcement) and repulsions.

So, we are creating our external reality by inner magnetics, governed by what material is stored in our subconscious minds.

Our Spirit bodies are somewhat like blank screens when we enter this world, except for the retained pictures we bring forth from past lives. The Spirit body lives beyond death of the physical body. Often attracted by past life pictures, we go through a certain amount of pain and displeasure in the experiences of infancy and childhood.

We assemble and store these new and enhanced pictures in our subconscious. If left unaltered, these records of trauma remain in governing positions in our manifesting machines for all of our lives.

Subconscious means below the level of conscious attention. The conscious mind, the thinking part of the identity, only scans a certain amount of material at once. There are far more pieces of data available to any given conscious mind, at any time, than that one mind can focus on.

The mind organizes the material, sort of like the Dewey Decimal system organizes library material, so that information can be accessed or retrieved. Information is stored in memory, so it can serve the person when it is needed.

Intelligence creates the organizing and retrieval system. Intelligence is the ability to make the best of what one has available. Intelligence sometimes makes the best of things by making information functionally irretrievable, because it is unfathomable and extremely unpleasant.

The information, made unconscious, records a problem with no apparent solution. The data is accompanied by pain that will not go away. Unpleasant material is, by nature, more likely to become unconscious material. So a lot of people have unpleasant pictures stored in their subconscious minds.

Old problems we've forgotten are never really forgotten by our manifesting machines. This is affecting the manifested results of our planetary condition, our society, our communities, our families... affecting our health, affecting everything.

There is a lot of stuff going on, on Earth, that is wiping out the good things in Life. We are manifesting "unsolvable" problems.

We won't have to work so hard to solve all the problems, when we look, and then stop what we are working so hard doing, to create all these problems.

The way to improve our manifested results is to drain energy from our inner pictures which are asking the world to always be in such a mess. With this, the magnets in the Spirit body relax into a lower energy arrangement, the person relaxes into a lower stress lifestyle, and the creative dynamic Light starts projecting a new picture.

The more interfering pictures are removed from a person, the closer the person comes to manifesting actual Heaven on the Earth. The creative force in people is not other than God.

Not only is all of the Universe made up of God, but the space within the confines of the Human Being is made up of God. All of the attributes of God are available to be expressed through the space that is defined by the Human Being.

Infinite intelligence, infinite creativity, and infinite Love... all the beauty and majesty of the Universe can be expressed in Character, as well as in form... the free will Character of the complete Human Being.

Because only a Free will Character can express the exact presence of God. The Universe is no automatic machine. Reality is not an elaborate robot.

The free will Human Being is needed as a part of the Universe to express the entire Divine Self, because God as Self is a conscious choosing Being. When chosen Love sits at the throne in the heart of Human Being, then the Divine has fully expressed Self as the whole Universe. Without this, there would always be Something Missing.

The evolution of Humanity is the evolution of the Universe itself. The Human Character is an indispensable, absolutely integral part of the Universe as a Whole Identity.

It is Divine free will that creates the Universe, in all its glory. God's free choice is freely choosing to manifest Love.

The energy to lift the Human race into the next plane of Experience is available. The Universe is ready to play the Game of Conscious Incarnation.

Heaven's first move is to set up, explain the Game. As the method of removing all unconscious interference, the Universe continually puts our projected creations exactly in our path, so we can see.

Our part in the Divine Bargain of making ourself into expressions of the character of God is to respond to each challenge with one simple procedure. Our natural healing processes take care of the rest.

That simple procedure is deliberate vibrational Love. Love is a simple energy field. It is a definite form of energy, with a specific vibration.

Love is not an emotion. The longing and manipulating, the worrying and chasing we do to each other is not Love. We think it is, we call it love, but that is actually something else.

Real Love is a simple mathematical reality... very objective stuff, true Love is. Adding Love to a situation is like hooking up subtle electric wires to a specific power source, and letting the juice flow.

God is playing a simple game with us - saying, "Match me. Now Love this." The Object of the Game is people turning into God. The fully emerged Human Being is none other than the incarnated Christ.

The way to make the electric connection between Love and ourselves is to focus the conscious attention on the fourth chakra. Chakras are the seven energy chambers, or valves, so to speak, that form a sort of string going up the center of a Human Being.

The fourth Chakra is the heart chakra, and it is located in the center of the chest, right there between the lungs, about midway between front and back of the person. Right there.

It takes a certain amount of practice to focus the conscious attention on the fourth chakra. It takes practice, but it doesn't take effort. It takes memory and faith, but it doesn't take work.

One thing you might feel when paying attention to the heart is a sort of tightness in the area, like the breath is being held. Or you might feel grief, which is the state of being in most people's hearts today.

Most people avoid putting attention on their heart as a sort of habit, and the reason is that we are most of us, so sad. It feels sad in our hearts and we haven't fixed it, so we avoid it by trying to not notice it.

The unfortunate result is that we not only do we lose connection with the sadness, but we lose connection with the whole region of Love. But this loss can be reversed.

Adding Love by channeling the vibration intrinsicto the chakra has a few especially useful results. One is that the field of Love disrupts the currently operating picture in the subconscious manifestor.

This can spontaneously give rise to invention and discovery. New options for behaviors can present themselves, as creativity and inspiration. It is especially interesting when Vibrational Love is added precisely at the moment of being engaged by an impulse to attack or be attacked. The subconscious picture that is directing the attack can become available to the conscious mind.

The stored energy that would have compelled the attack becomes released into the mind as objective information. The habitual compulsion can become disengaged, examined, and discharged.

The foundations of violence reveal themselves to the rational mind, in the energy environment that is Love. The mechanisms of inhumanity within each Human Being can be unraveled and expelled.

To deconstruct interfering pictures, the thing to do with the suddenly available energy is to drain it out of the system by emotional and conversational discharge.

This catharsis is the natural healing process. There is a literal stored charge inherent in the creation of any subconscious picture. Pictures may be microscopic arrangements, yet storing a phenomenal amount of energy, as a magnetically recorded print. The stored energy is what actually keeps the picture intact.

The picture, as it moves into position to engage physical action, is physically made up of minute magnetic field arrangements within the deep cellular neuro-physics of the brain.

Arranged magnetics, the Human Being is awesomely similar to an electronic gizmo. Material electronics is as much a part of the Natural Human Animal as a hive is a part of a bee. Electronic pooling of information is a natural extension of Natural Human Intelligence.

Through practice and observation, we can notice that all pictures in the manifestation gallery are two sided. Pictures are made up of polarities, like "good and evil"... or "Heroes and Villains"...or what is "lovable" vs what "should be punished (attacked)".

These two sided pictures create so much ruckus in the world, so much struggle, so much conflict, everybody lining up to oppose one another. It is the state of having no stored unconscious pictures (pertinent but inaccessible information) that allows the pure expression of full Universal Love.

When all experiential data, old and current, ALL is accessible to consciousness... then we are fully conscious. In the next plane of Human Experience, all have access to all information.

How we organize information is essential to how we well we make fully accessible all that is pertinent. Best intelligence orders and synthesizes the information to create a cohesive whole view model.

If the whole view model allows us to fit every detail into a consistent whole, we are on our way to functional Omniscience. And what we do apprehend, in our Omniscience, is the full Identity and Presence of the living breathing Divinity.

The Game of Conscious Incarnation gives us the clear and present companion of the Living Christ as our brother, as our sister, as our husband, as our wife, as our Self.

The point of Human Being is full consciousness, we are an audience and an actor for the Divine. Our First job in Living is gaining full consciousness. Not acts of duty or heroics, certainly not acts of sacrifice, what Heaven wants first from each one of us is our conscious attention.

God wants us to Look, and in looking, to See. Almost as a side effect, full consciousness creates full neurological function... full immune system function as well. Full health of body, and full health of society. Full release of every form of disease.

There is an inherent picture that is the entire Human Being. The whole body, the whole self, is a creative dynamo. Every cell, every genetic template, every system in the body is a creative dynamo.

Without unconscious pictures, the big model that is the amazing Human Body is what shapes our reflected manifestation. And it is amazing. 

Heaven on Earth. God intact in our bodies, Love operating everywhere in every fashion imaginable, and in many ways that we can not have yet imagined. Full Intelligence, making the absolute best of whatever is available.

Love and intelligence are ultimately the same thing, yet there is a dryness to the intelligence end of the spectrum, without Love. Love is why. Intelligence is only how. Intelligence is a means. But, what is the end?

Without Love, intelligence will simply tune itself in to expressing or locating the "positive" side of whatever picture is governing the inner light. And this energy into the "positive" also creates along with it, the necessary complement in (unexpected) and negative consequence.

Intelligence becomes, often times, a very integral part of the problems we experience. We solve one problem, but in the solving, create another, much worse. Intelligence is like advanced technology, it can really run amuck.

There are Games we can play to release our planet from the shadow illness of Spirit we suffer. But the First Game we can learn is to consciously choose Love. Without Love, there is no method that can do anything to create whole recovery.

Intelligence is only a part of creating Heaven on Earth when it is guided by the actual Creative Identity, none other than Dynamic God.

Dynamic Love



(Lau Mu)

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