The boardgame comes with a little book that is an intro story. Maybe look at that first?

Above is the Dollarocracy board.  Dollarocracy is built by The System: "do what you don't want to do, to get a reward."

I have used this first board as an intro ice-breaker. There could be more than one way to do this. What we did was, roll the dice to see which cycle you are on. Then take turns, each going around the cycle with another roll of the dice, and tell a bit of a story about a time you were in the space you landed on. The story MUST BE A LIE. We were surprised at how much this made us laugh. Also, spend funny money on each turn, and when the pile of money in any category reaches some threshhold, place a piece into the puzzle. The first time somebody plays, they don't realize the game is any more that what shows above. At some point there is a tipping point and the board is opened up, below.

Below, is the Game of Exchange. We exchange one way of life for another.  It relies on The Way: Do what you naturally do, and bloom thereby."

I expect there will be several ways to play with this basic outline for cultural transformation. There are 8 stations of play (8 parameters to measure as positive change.)

In this version, Players select a card from each Station' deck and together, as a team, do what is instructed. Progress on each Station is recorded by
flipping the disk on station one
flipping the disk on station two
putting strut into the geometric form on station three
moving money out of addictive category and onto the local map, station four
putting business card on the map on station five
place wildest dream card into "dreams come true" pile,station six
discard Wild Card, station seven
put piece into the puzzle, station eight
(once again, this is all my rough draft)

Players can make cards as well as use those provided. The graphic below is suggested "Round One", and was created on Microsoft Paint, printable on a 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, digital files included with boardgame. Click on image to view full size.