Biologically Based Emotional Healing
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Our deep bioemotional healing mechanisms are innate, we are born with them. No one has to teach us how to use them. The inherent releases-which together I call "The emotional immune system"-are the following:

*deep, prolonged crying with tears and periodic sobbing, which primarily serves to carry way grief and its effects

*deep, prolonged laughter ("belly laughter"), sometimes accompanied by sweating or shaking, which primarily serves to carry away embarrassement, lighter fears, and their effects

*deep, prolonged trembling, whimpering, vocal outbursts (such as "No! No!", and abrupt physical movement, which primarily serves to carry away terror and its effects

*deep, prolonged storming, vocal outbursts, and waving or pounding of arms or other abrupt physical movement, which primarily serves to carry away anger, outrage, and their effects

*deep, prolonged yawning (which has a mysterious function but is undeniably part of the emotional immune system, as I explain below).

We were all born with these processes built into us. *If these innate mechanisms had been permitted and supported to operate fully, we would need little else for our emotional healing.* Other approaches to emotional recovery and mental clarity become necessary only because our biologically-based emotional healing processes have been so badly interfered with. 

Fortunately, they can be brought back to vibrant functioning.

When these natural channels are re-opened even a little, the benefits are immediate. And when they're brought back to life in a big way, the benefits are transformative. 

This is excerpted from pages 102 and 103 of "The Joyous Recovery, A New Approach to Emotional Healing and Wellness" by Lundy Bancroft



(Lau Mu)