Kay Williams

Personal History
I was born in Seattle, 3 blocks from Lake Washington, way before anybody knew that was special. We watched the Seafair hydroplane races from our roof. White Flight and my father took us to an eastside suburb in 1969 when I was just starting high school. There began my career in alienation, first from my all-white, all-rich classmates with whom I did not fit. By 1985, the alienation had spread until I couldn't relate to urban life at all. I fled to the back-to-the-land counter culture, visiting intentional communities in Eastern Washington, upstate New York, New Hampshire and ultimately landing in rural Kentucky. I'm still here.

Writing has been a hobby. My imagination is my best friend. Not quite the same as having an imaginary friend, but close.  I've been imagining the better way of life and making notes, writing essays, playing with it, piling up digital files in 10 successive computers, all the while continuing to be in "my own world." Lately my walls are finally crumbling. I want to share my imaginary world and perhaps render it real.

I live with my worthwhile husband and am now mostly alienated from the American Way of consumerism. I'm repelled by McAmerica, and love that I can find refuge on our 20+ acres in Cumberland County. I'm connected to the Cumberland River, this ground, these hills, my home, my family, and food. Authentic food is basically my religion. Oh yeah, that was another thing I found I was alienated from: the Christian religion. I want it back! 

I've run a small food co-op since 1999 and have managed a farmers market since 2016. Both are ways of enjoying a lot of good friendships.My husband Greg Williams is a talented woodworker (www.zekewood.com) and he builds buildings and our home and furniture, and now is mostly farming - he vends at the farmers market. Here is me at the farmers market 2021, showing the Double Dollar and SNAP tokens. Those are a form of local currency. That is Greg in the background with his produce.

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