mOtherworld Cast of Characters
The Archetypal Female Essences of Wisdom and Compassion.
Rise up ! in each of us,
express lifestyle and society for personal and planetary well being !

calling Kwan Shih Yin:
Feminine emisary from the Divine, Otherworldly Perspective and Presence, uses the Boddhisatva pledge, channels assistance and stories about life on realized worlds. 
Share her Message.

calling Momma Mary:
Practical partner in building community, breathe new life into church and religion. Share the ways of nurturing spiritual well-being in all people.
Consider her version. 

calling Lady Liberty:
Upgrade our opportunity as US Citizens.  Our national foundation documents apply, here and now.  Replace false nationalism with applied human rights !
neighborhood census

calling Mary Jane Homemaker:
Own the Last Word on world economics.  In love with financial accountability, report scores, reduce all spending on destructive industry.
the Homemaker's Pledge
calling Ganga, River Goddess:
Living river

and calling the spirit of Play in all forms and all ages,


The Play Is the Way of the Game