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Some dream of the Second Coming as a supernatural event,
a robed stranger descending from the skies
to handle everything on Earth that should be changed.

I dream of rational science and down-to-Earth practices
that allow each one of us to manage our own lives well,
creating a world of peace and abundance, humor and joy,
without wars, without violence or crime of any kind.

Supernatural results, fulfilling all of the promises of Christ.
We can live without lack or distress, life without diseases -
without the underlying disease that is physical mortality itself.

Kathy (Kay) Williams

The Movie

What better way to bring the whole vision of recovery 
and transformation to the world, than by a science fiction movie? 
We have been contacted by intelligent life from another planet. 
Imagine the best possible news they could bring.

Little Books
The Best Possible News
Quantum Fairy Tale

When Einstein was asked by a concerned mother what she could do to best promote her children's intellectual development he responded: "Tell them fairy tales!"  When she pressed him for what else she could do he said: "Tell them more fairy tales!" 

One day I sat down to write the tales I wished to be told - 
and this collection of messages came out. 

Doorway Into Life

Consumer addiction and co-dependency manifest a society careening towards death. There is another way. Throw away your preconceptions about the Messiah, and open yourself to become that event.  Be the avenue through which the healed world is expressed. 
About material, interpersonal, and spiritual recovery from the culture that is white man's world. 

Circle of Safety, Circle of Friends

We’re all homemakers.  Some just take it more expansively than others. 

What if we could arrange our homelife to connect with a world wide network of friends  - to altogether eradicate all family violence and spiritual death?  Recovery and transformation start at home and stream out through community places - bringing to fruit, the ideals of the US Bill of Rights.


Mathematical Ethics
This secular discussion of natural law shows how our human rights-centered Constitution is actually an extension to our immune system.  It can be used to protect and restore the entire spectrum of human health.  Create safety and freedom from all stresses and strife, on every level, at every age, in every facet of life.  Enable whole creative response.  Engage the whole intelligence of human being.

The Boardgame
The Game of Exchange
The literal gameplan for cultural transformation.  A way to begin to comprehend the many cause-and-effect loops that are involved in manifesting our culture.

The Webgame

An interactive webpage for participatory science
to create a compendium of useful knowledge
to empower each person to make truly informed and effective choices
to support and engage homemaker and handyman activity
to provide startup and continuing support for sustainable productivity
for self development of all and realization of human potential
to enjoy and demonstrate the tangible presence of God.


True Life Stories
“Anecdotal Evidence in the Experiment to Prove the Existence of God.”
A way for a neighborhood to meet each other again, for the first time.  A storyboard/format for viewer-generated video content of many localized reports of grass roots actions, thus a frame for the whole-system synergy.  A way for the movement to communicate with itself -  integrated as a part of the interactive webgame.

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