allow me to introduce,
your mother and mine,

Goddess Gaia (Mother Earth)

Mother Earth invites us to get real and team up.  Its time to overturn Business As Usual and express the better way to live ! To get our heads open big enough to hold the message she has for us, she says:
"Imagine a fantasy movie to engage our creative visualization."
Click on in !  We'll use movie magic to engage the playful and creative spirit, for surely nothing less will do."

Short Movie Synopsis:
Scene One: Gaia goes to a cosmic support group for planetary recovery . . .
convenes with a cast of archetypal characters on the astral plane (cartoons!) to do an interention . . .
The muses team up, decide to do magic and inspire your neighborhood  to express the saved world.
They take shape as a circle of friends,

and Tinkerbell magically weaves their intentions

 together as a GAME to play together . . .
(to co-create healing for Earth and humanity)
Meanwhile, down here in the neighborhood, things are stirring. With the prompts sent from Heaven, people find themselves liking to do some new things. They learn to do energy healing. They get together and experiment with how to best enjoy friendship and play. 

So much nonsense they used to believe now seems funny and gets set aside. The playday experiments develop into a code of ethics that lifts everybody into a wonderful new normal  of needs met and low stress.  It becomes a no-brainer to selectively shop much closer to home . . . and local economy blossoms.

To express their new vision of enlightened citizenship the players get excited about a neigborhood census to discover everyone's Wildest Dreams, for one thing . . . and to find out what is working already for people, and what is not. To make it more fun to collect and reflect answers, they find invent the Game!

The video-game formula frames a no-budget reality show thats easy to generate. The video-game sets up a neighborhood news show that gets circulated as local television. The show becomes a dynamic mirror for our heroes, and pivotal for the collective transition: living into the saved world !

The (video) game goes viral. Neighborhoods everywhere are doing their own reality shows of world saving.  Everybody wins."

The little news show opens with a storybook kind of intro,

about Dollarocracy and the Game of Exchange!

and then goes on to show the activities that the sweet muses continue to bless.
(in the movie they look like cartoon beings)

but the real people doing these things in the movie, are just neighborhood people like you and like me.

The Paradigm Shift Toykit includes the set of creative products that are props in this movie . . .

in case you'd like to try this at home !

(Lau Mu)

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